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Ask VIP: Taeyang’s question to VIPs!

Here’s Taeyang’s question to the VIPs:

The weather is really hot~ ㅠㅠ What good food is there that will help me forget about the heat..??

What cool treat would I recommend to my sweetie to help beat the heat? That’s easy. A DQ Oreo Blizzard. A large one so we can share.

What would you recommend to Taeyang to help him forget the heat?

Source: Big Bang 4th Anniversary Special Page

Translations: alee@ibigbang


Taeyang ranks high on music industry lists

A group of 21 Korean music industry experts recently came together and participated in a survey that picked the best of the best idols in a variety of categories.

With idol groups taking over the music market, it’s an unending battle on the internet, between netizens in deciding which idol has the best vocal talents with the use of MR (Music Recorded) removed videos to potentially help arguments.

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IU to appear as guest performer at Taeyang SOLAR concerts!

IU, being one of Taeyang’s major fangirls, is definitely not unfamiliar news. She has even acted out the role of Taeyang’s lucky back-dancer on a past episode of SBS Heroes, where she got the opportunity to peck his right cheek! Well, IU is about to get even more lucky.

She will be performing as a special guest for her ideal man’s concerts, which will unfold on the 25th and 26th at KyungHee University’s Hall Of Peace.

Actress Yoo In Na, who is signed under YG Entertainment, first heard news floating around about YGE being on a lookout for guest performers for Taeyang’s upcoming concerts. Yoo In Na then passed the news onto IU, who agreed without hesitation.

Original article: Nate

Source: saykimchi@allkpop