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An International Fan Meets Taeyang!

Allison, an international fan who lives in South Korea had quite the experience when she came face to face with Taeyang!

Meeting Taeyang:

Then it was FINALLY our turn to go. We walked up to the stage and were handed a disinfectant wipe, had to give our little tickets, and then walked up on stage. Handlers were monitoring the flow of people closely and as I got close, I lost everything that had been in my brain to say. I just though, oh my god, they are the most handsome people on this earth. I am about to touch them. How can I…….?

And then I was right in front of Seungri who stuck his hand right out and said Hiiiiiiiiiiii. In English. And I said Hi! And he said, are you doing okay? (I think I looked like I was about to die… mostly of excitement) And I was just like yes, yes, I’m great. And GD watched and laughed a lot. lol. Then to G-Dragon I just bowed and said hello and thank you. I was kind of in awe of his skin. It was so… so… glowing. It was perfect skin. How does GD get skin like that? It’s PERFECT. Then Taeyang.

Oh. My. God. Taeyang.

He was so fine. SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO fine.

And he said to me, Where are you from? And I said America. And he said, cool, thanks for coming. And I said, YESTERDAY WAS MY BIRTHDAY. CAN I HAVE A HUG PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE? And he said of course, and he hugged me, and while he was hugging me he said Happy Birthday. TWICE.

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[Me2Day] Seungri’s me2day Update: Taeyang Dancing @ Handshake Fan Meeting

Seungri updated his me2day with this video of  Taeyang dancing at today’s fan meeting. Wish I was there.

Original Message:

BIGBANG – 서울 악수회4/30 도중 태양댄스


BIGBANG – Taeyang dance during Seoul Fanmeeting 4/30

Source: via bbupdates
Translation: bigbangupdates

Big Bang says goodbye and wins on M!Countdown!

It seems like only yesterday that I was gearing up for Big Bang’s long awaited comeback. As a new fan I didn’t have the pleasure of following them when they first debuted but this year felt like I had as I watched every single performance I could find on YouTube. Tonight’s stage was filled with joy because Big Bang won but also sadness because my first comeback has come to an end.

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