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[Fanfic] What Happens in Vegas……

One shot @_taebabyy wrote for me after I told her I wear the same hat size as Taeyang. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

“Bae,” Ji grabbed his shoulder, halting the group. “Aigoo! Look at the little boy at the window!”

The remaining four glanced at the direction Ji pointed and that’s when everyone noticed. A little boy, hands pressed against a window of a hat shop, yelling for his mom. He was wearing the same, special edition, hallelujah hat Bae was wearing at this moment.

Bae laughed lightly to himself as he walked towards the little boy.

“Hi,” Bae said as he kneeled next to him. “My name’s Young-bae.” Bae reached his hand out as the little boy’s eye widen.

“Hey! We have the same one!!” the little boy cheered as he raised his hand for a high five.

Bae laughed with him as he watched him intently. The little boy started talking so fast about the hats he wants and the hats he has. The innocence, excitement kids have is what makes Bae eager to become a father. Suddenly, he felt someone near him. When he glanced up, there was a women hovering over her son, watching Bae curiously. He stood up and reached his hand out. “You have an adorable son,” he stuttered hoping the mother doesn’t think anything odd of him. “My name is Young-bae.”

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