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[Photos] Big Bang SPECIAL EDITION Concept Photos!

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Taeyang Interview with GQ Korea Magazine

When I read about Taeyang, the words that come up the most are ‘sincerity’ and ‘honesty.’
It’s something I talked about a lot.

Does that govern everything in your life?
No, that’s not really the case. It’s just one of those things that you’re born with, that can’t be easily changed, you know? It’s not so much that I’m trying hard to be that way. It’s just me, I think.

Have there been times when you wanted to change your personality? Some people just act on their impulses while you worry or overthink. And a lot of times, those results are better.
That’s true. To tell you the truth, I felt that way a little bit after my last solo activities. It wasn’t for very long, and it wasn’t so much that I wanted to change. But I think I gained a certain amount of confidence. It’s not “I have to change something,” but more a feeling of, “Ah, no matter what I try now, I can at least feel confident about this part.” I feel like I’ve gained composure or confidence.

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[Photos] Taeyang’s Double the Face of MCM?

The first brand that comes to mind when most fans think of Taeyang is Chrome Hearts but that’s not the only brand Taeyang is fond of as he’s been seen carrying his belongings in his MCM backpack and infamous man bag. He’s unwittingly become the model for the brand as his double, the MCM Momot most recently seen at the 10 Corso Como x Big Bang Collaboration Launching Party has been spotted in advertisements and display windows at MCM stores.

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