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Se7en feat TOP “Digital Bounce” on Music Core

I have to admit I wasn’t too familiar with Se7en’s music before I decided to do this post. My first introduction to him prior to this performance was his “Girls” feat Lil’ Kim MV. After watching his powerful stage with TOP I’ve decided to coin this duo “The New Korean Dream”.

Source: lilmiznaughty56@youtube


Taeyang with Rino Nakasone and Shaun Evaristo

Rino Nakasone has posted this picture of herself with Taeyang and Shaun Evaristo in the dance studio at YG Entertainment. If you’re not familiar with Rino’s name you might remember her from her work with Gwen Stefani (as a Harajuku Girl) and as a new member of the Pussycat Dolls. She’s also choreographed for K-pop artists SHINee and Super Junior.

Source: RinOkinawa (Twitter)

Richard Che’s Adventures in Korea

I love reading about fans who have met Taeyang. I feel like I get a better sense of who he is as a person when I do. The ultimate ‘fan experience’ in my mind came from these two guys pictured below. Qui Truong and Richard Che have their own production company Kanauru, but last month along with Shaun Evaristo, Keone Madrid and Mari Martin traveled to South Korea to film for Movement Lifestyle. Qui’s story can be found here. This is Richard’s story, so sit back and enjoy. I know I did.

Hey everyone. This is Richard Che of Kanauru Productions (Director, Cameraman, Editor etc ). If you don’t know me then that’s because I’m invisible ;D By the way to clear things up, no we’re not a group of choreographers or dancers, we’re a video production company We however do have friends that dance for fun so we place them in our videos (the remakes anyways). Also we don’t work with YG, we work for Movement Lifestyle who was hired by YG. Clear? Okay. I’m typically the type that doesn’t blog much but when I do, I write a lot ;D  I tend to be detailed but at the same time I’ll try not to keep it too long and redundant so bear with me. Though since It’s about Taeyang etc it shouldn’t matter too much.

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