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[Me2Day] You and I

Translation: You and I
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[Me2day] Seungri’s me2day Update: Taeyang & Daesung’s Birthday Party

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BIGBANG 태양형의 24번째 생일을 진심으로축하합니다^^ 그리고사랑합니다 -막내 승리가-


For BIGBANG Taeyang Hyung’s 24th birthday, I cordially congratulate you^^ And I love you-
From Maknae Seungri.

Source: via imshinhdepol
Translation: Rice @ bigbangupdates

My prayers have been answered. I’ve been waiting all day to see footage of YB’s birthday party. It’s so great that he and Daesung celebrated together!

[Me2Day] Seungri’s me2day Update: Taeyang Dancing @ Handshake Fan Meeting

Seungri updated his me2day with this video of  Taeyang dancing at today’s fan meeting. Wish I was there.

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BIGBANG – 서울 악수회4/30 도중 태양댄스


BIGBANG – Taeyang dance during Seoul Fanmeeting 4/30

Source: via bbupdates
Translation: bigbangupdates