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Seeing Taeyang at ALIVE Galaxy Tour in New Jersey

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Off To Newark

After 3 years of being a Taeyang fan I’m finally going to be seeing him in Newark, New Jersey on Friday night. It still hasn’t sunk in yet, but I know it will once I get on that Greyhound bus on my 15 hour trip to the United States.

I’ll try my best to update you guys with my fanaccount after I see the concert. If any of you are attending the show come by and say hello. I’ll be the woman carrying the sign posted above.

One Year Anniversary of SOLAR

Slipping on my headphones I am transported to a year ago and the emotions I felt when I heard this album for the very first time. Like all of you I waited with bated breath to hear the music Taeyang  worked so hard on for more than a year. As a new fan I had to soothe my restless heart by listening to recently released digital singles “Where U At”, “Wedding Dress” and mini album HOT. It didn’t take long for his new material to take effect. “Solar (Intro)” was enough to bring tears to my eyes. As each song played I was struck by the growth I heard in the lyrics and in the texture of Taeyang’s voice. Songs like “You’re My” instantly made me melt, “Move” made me want to dance and “Take It Slow” made me want to cry. A year later nothing has changed. In fact  I haven’t stopped listening to this disk since its release. There is something about these songs that never gets old. It is so flawless in its execution that you can take something away from it no matter how many times you listen to it. The beauty of this album and the artist that created it is that you’re always left wanting more. It’s a masterpiece!

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One Year Anniversary of Devoted to the Sun

Listening to my Solar album and thinking about how far I’ve come. Around this time last year YG finally announced the release date of Taeyang’s long awaited full album. As a new fan I was excited because that was the same day I wrote my first post for Devoted to the Sun. The best part of this time has been getting to experience in my own small way in Taeyang’s success. I remember the first time I saw “Wedding Dress”  and the feelings that went through me when I saw him dance. Those same feelings are with me when I write a post. I love being in the thick of all the information that comes to me through tweets each and every day. I’m happy about all the new friends I’ve made as well as the music and the performances I get to see writing this blog. It’s an experience that I’ve loved from the beginning and will continue to love as I embark on my next journey as writer/admin of Devoted to the Sun.

[Big News] Taeyang Receives Unexpected Gift!

My son: Rio Brandon

The labor of love that I have been working towards for a year has finally arrived in South Korea.  For those of you who are new to my blog I revealed at the end of December my plans for 2011. This past week I sent a pitch to Taeyang and President Yang letting them know about the social network I created for him. You can read more about it here. I mailed it out on Friday and it was delivered to YG Entertainment today.

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From Janelle Marie

The blog that I started to be my online diary and to keep track of the posts that I’d written at ATY has grown into something more. The time that I have spent over these last few months writing about Taeyang has been the happiest in my life. Getting to experience in my own small way this EPIC chapter in Taeyang’s career has forever changed me. The dreams I now have because of this young man and his music is nothing short of a miracle. He has had a profound effect on every part of my life and for that I will be forever grateful.

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