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[Eng Subs] Taeyang’s Gook TV Interview

Just watching this old interview is making me so excited for Taeyang’s next solo release!

Source: bbvipchannel


One Year Anniversary of SOLAR

Slipping on my headphones I am transported to a year ago and the emotions I felt when I heard this album for the very first time. Like all of you I waited with bated breath to hear the music Taeyang  worked so hard on for more than a year. As a new fan I had to soothe my restless heart by listening to recently released digital singles “Where U At”, “Wedding Dress” and mini album HOT. It didn’t take long for his new material to take effect. “Solar (Intro)” was enough to bring tears to my eyes. As each song played I was struck by the growth I heard in the lyrics and in the texture of Taeyang’s voice. Songs like “You’re My” instantly made me melt, “Move” made me want to dance and “Take It Slow” made me want to cry. A year later nothing has changed. In fact  I haven’t stopped listening to this disk since its release. There is something about these songs that never gets old. It is so flawless in its execution that you can take something away from it no matter how many times you listen to it. The beauty of this album and the artist that created it is that you’re always left wanting more. It’s a masterpiece!

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10 Questions for SOL on Junon Magazine (March Issue)

Q1. What are the highlights of SOL’s 1st (HOT) & 2nd (SOLAR) concerts ?

HOT was the first solo concert after I released my first mini-album. You can see the “20 year-old SOL” with all the songs from HOT album.

SOLAR concert was after I released my first album. With SOLAR, you can see the present SOL. Because there were moments with sharing [emotions], excitement, laughter and tears, it became a concert that will stay in my memory for a long time. I hope it became a nice gift for the fans who experienced it with me together and for all of the fans who love my music and stage.

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Taeyang’s SOLAR International is #1 on Gaon Album Charts

After Taeyang’s first winning moment for his new song ‘I’ll Be There’ – it has been revealed that his SOLAR [International Album] has topped this week’s Gaon Album Charts. Gaon Charts is Korea’s official chart ranking that compiles sales from legal downloads and digital sales. Further more, his single ‘I’ll Be There’ has landed on the 16th slot, after increasing 33 slots this week.

Source: 10Asia + bbupdates