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Ask Big Bang: Taeyang 6th Anniversary Q&A

1. When is your most memorable stage?
Taeyang: I’ll make it.

2. Your happiest moment?
Taeyang: MTV EMA

3. The fan who left a strong impression on you?
Taeyang: You, who read it.

4. What do you want to hear most?
Taeyang: Well.. nothing..

5. What do you think about the world tour?
Taeyang: It’s fun. I think I can handle it well.

6. What is V.I.P to you in 6 letters (in Korean)?
Taeyang: Fantastic Baby

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Actor Dong Hyun Bae joins the cast of the “Alumni”

Actor Dong Hyun-Bae has been confirmed to be the newest member of the “Alumni” movie cast. The movie “Alumni” is one of the most anticipated movies where Big Bang member, TOP, and actress, Han Yaeri, have come together to present a grand film.

According to a movie source, Dong Hyun-Bae will be playing the role of one of the high school bullies within “Alumni”. Dong Hyun-Bae’s character will have a strong, fierce, and intense personality that always torments and harasses the main character role, Myung-Hoon, played by TOP.

Source: Oh My News

Taeyang Q&A with L’Officiel Hommes Korea

Favorite fashion brands and designers

Favorite Underwear Styles 
Boxer shorts

Favorite Accessories 

Favorite sport and team 

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Taeyang Interview with 10Asia

“See you in two years,” Taeyang said after he wrapped up his interview with 10Asia. The magazine has been interviewing the artist in two-year basis: in 2006, 2008, 2010 and 2012. What this coincidental meeting with Taeyang left was a recorded process of his growth as a grown up and changes he had in his life. The idol who first made his public appearance through a reality program in 2006, which revealed all his debuting process to the viewers, became a rising star in black music in the country with his first solo album released in 2008. In 2010, he showed off his talent that gave him the title of a composer, producer and performer in his first full-track album “Solar.” Finally in 2012, Big Bang began sweeping local and international music charts with “ALIVE,” even gaining the ‘Worldwide act’ award at the MTV Europe Music Awards. Now, they are waiting to kick off ‘the’ world tour. During the past six years, the 18-year-old boy has grown to become a 24-year-old man and his group, Big Bang is only a few steps away from meeting a new world. Having experienced the success and the worst scenarios as artists in the past few years, Taeyang is now standing at the half point of his 20s. The group’s popularity has reached its peak and they’re ready to make a new start. Even if it is possible that Big Bang could become bigger stars than they are now, restoring the same vibe and beauty they have right at this moment of their lives would be impossible. 10Asia will be recording that moment of each member for the next five days. First to come is, of course, Taeyang. We hope to meet him again in 2 years.

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Taeyang Interview with MINI Magazine

Q: What have you bought recently?
Taeyang: I’m liking scarves at the moment, and a while ago I bought a scarf with the classic Versace pattern

Q: What’s your room like?
Taeyang: All the members are living together at the moment so I can’t really devote myself to it, but I’m collected ‘ONE PIECE’ figurines so I’m planning on making a shelf for them.

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Over 1 Million People Rush to Buy “Big Bang Alive Tour in Japan” Tickets

Released on 3/28, a year since their last album, their new album “ALIVE” achieved third place on Oricon weekly chart, and even now when two weeks have passed, it is still in the Top 10. The monster group going strong despite their blank period, BIG BANG from South Korea.

BIG BANG has begun their world tour on March, from South Korea that goes around the world to 16 countries 25 cities. This world tour is produced by producer Laurie Ann Gibson, who has worked with the famous Lady Gaga and will be a very new kind of stage with universal standards (high standards).

The Japanese version of that tour, “BIG BANG ALIVE TOUR IN JAPAN” will start from 5/17 at Nagoya prefecture, Nihon Gaishi Hall to have 13 concerts at 5 cities.

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