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How Taeyang changed my life……

I discovered Taeyang by accident. It was the second week of November, I had just finished watching all 25 episodes of Boys Over Flowers and wanted to get into other aspects of Korean culture. It had been two years since I discovered Korean films and dramas but after immersing myself in that for awhile I wanted to broaden my horizons. That’s how I was introduced to Kpop. At the time I was aware of only two groups, Super Junior and Big Bang. I listened to Super Junior for about a week before giving up on them because I couldn’t get past the idea of a 13 member boy band, that’s when I turned my sights to Big Bang. The instant I started watching “We Belong Together” I was hooked.
Baby boo, I’m always thinking about you (I’m still here)
Whatever you do, I’m the one to trust (yeah)
You know “
That’s when I saw him. The feelings that went through me the second my eyes locked onto his beautiful face and cornrowed hair I was a goner.
“Who is that?” I thought to myself.
Not knowing anything about Big Bang other than the fact that they were a five member Hip Hop boy band from South Korea I didn’t get an answer. But I would a few days later.