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[News] Taeyang’s Kpop Secret

I saw this Kpopsecret posted in the Big Bang thread over at 6Theory and wanted to comment on it. As a Black woman I wasn’t offended by Brian Joo’s impression infact I thought it was funny but to say in the same breath that my favorite artist is a racist is crossing the line. Taeyang’s love of African American music and culture is obvious. The fact that he has chosen to pursue a genre not readily accepted in South Korea proves his love and dedication. When it comes to social networking Taeyang has an official TwitterMe2Day and a cyworld he hasn’t updated since his Wedding Dress promotions. Due to this persons inability to check facts has spread false rumors that he is a racist when he is not.

Update: I checked out Taeyang’s cyworld and  this post which isn’t recent (11.25.08) was written on his wall. It was Taeyang’s friend who referred to him by that word and not the other way around.

Source: kpopsecrets


[News] Big Bang finds further obstacles in the way of their appearance on “Music Bank”

Much debate has been taking place over the past few weeks regarding Big Bang’s appearance on KBS’s “Music Bank,” and although the producer for the show was open to giving Big Bang a comeback stage, recent updates have shown that it isn’t looking good for both parties.

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[Controversy] Did this Ukrainian group copy Big Bang?

Ukrainian group Время и Стекло / Time and Glass is getting a lot of attention recently due to their most recent MV whose scenes are almost identical to those found in Big Bang’s Japanese single “Tell Me Goodbye”

Was this MV inspired by Kpop or just a direct rip off? Watch the two MV’s and you be the judge.

Big Bang’s “Tell Me Goodbye”

Source: allkpop
Videos: YGEntertainment and vremyaisteklo @ YT

Three songs off Taeyang’s SOLAR album get banned!

Songs of the popular artists Se7en, Taeyang, and Seotaiji have been deemed inappropriate for youth audiences.

According to the Ministry of Public Administration and Security on October 5th, the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family’s Youth Protection committee have made a verdict that Taeyang’s ‘Move‘, ‘After You Sleep‘, and ‘Take It Slow‘ off his SOLAR album were inappropriate for children.

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Taeyang’s “F*** You” shirt becomes controversial

Big Bang’s, Taeyang’s costume wore on the stage engraved with profanity words was noted.

Taeyang performed “I’ll Be There” from his first full studio album SOLAR on September 2nd on Mnet ‘Countdown” and won the #1 award. However the costume he came out wearing became an issue. Taeyang came out wearing a black sleeveless shirt on stage and on the back of it was the english profanity “f*** you” engraved on it.

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My Say: Dara transformed into a dancer for new “I Need A Girl” MV

The two years that it has taken Taeyang, lead vocalist for Big Bang to release his full length album ‘SOLAR’ a lot has changed. Fans who followed him since his debut in 2006 were charmed by his soulful voice and awe inspiring dance moves. Although quite well known in his native South Korea it took the success of his digital single “Wedding Dress” (released last November) to catapult this R&B crooner into the international stratosphere. The fans who discovered him last year did so with the singles “Where U At” and “Wedding Dress” firmly planted in their minds, and with that the image of Taeyang as the shy, often serious member of Big Bang. So imagine some fans and my surprise when we saw Taeyang’s image overhaul in the recently released and taken down MV for “I Need A Girl”. Taeyang before our eyes had been transformed into a confident and sexy Justin Timberlake clone. The leading lady chosen to star opposite Taeyang was none other than 2NE1’s Sandara Park.

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My Say: G Dragon featured on Taeyang’s title track “I Need A Girl”

I had no idea this kind of stuff went on. I am as much a fan of Big Bang as I am of Taeyang. Of course my love of Taeyang overrides it because he’s my fave. At the end of the day I just want to see Taeyang succeed. He’s such a talented artist with so much to offer the world of music. I’m not going to bash anyone for their opinion. I spend as much time at iBig Bang as I do at Always Taeyang. In my life they are both important places for me to share my feelings and love for this awesome group of talented young men. High school is over I’m not going to get into flame wars over this. GDYB have been best buds for 10 years they’ve been through so much together. It’s unfortunate that with their success has to come this tit for tat where fans are fighting amongst themselves on the merit of which performer is more popular. The music they do is geared towards completely different audiences. Because my musical tastes are geared towards a more Hip Hop/R&B sound it’s natural that I would be drawn to Taeyang’s style of music. I have to admit that when I was first starting to get into Big Bang I didn’t quite understand GD’s appeal. Over time I grew to appreciate his music and now enjoy it quite a bit. People are going to have their opinions but I’m here to support Taeyang. I haven’t been a fan as long as some other bloggers have but I feel that over the last 7 months I’ve come to understand Taeyang in a way that I wouldn’t have been able to if we were living in any other time. The internet age is incredible, the kind of access we now have to our favorite performers is crazy. There is so much excitement going on in light of Taeyang’s full album release. Fans right now are feeling overly sensitive because we want Taeyang to do well and they’re getting bent out of shape because of it. We have no idea what the track sounds like or how much of a presence GD has. To me it all seems sort of childish. We should be celebrating this wonderful time, not fighting. I can only imagine what Taeyang is feeling right now. Last year was so hard for him. He’s worked so long on this. His Star Diary entry was so heart felt and he meant it this album is a gift to us his fans to thank us for all the love we’ve given to him over the past 4 years. This album is going to be epic. I believe Taeyang’s music is going to change the world. As fans we will never see this time again I just want to enjoy it.