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Recommended by Daum, Taeyang’s SOLAR

This is quite an achievement for Taeyang. SOLAR is a fantastic album. Congrats!

You can check it out here

Source: via YBMania


SOLAR full tracks released!

So here is the title track “I Need A Girl” an instant fave already seeing as I haven’t stopped listening to it since a fellow blogger linked to it on Always Taeyang.

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“I’m so fly….like a bird…..bird……”

Here’s the 6th preview After You Fall Asleep (feat. Swings)

So this is it the last preview before Taeyang’s full album SOLAR drops TOMORROW! (So excited) What an awesome ride we fans have been on in the last 6 days, getting to hear the music Taeyang has been diligently working on since last year. And this one is no exception. It has a soft romantic quality to it. It starts off slow and gradually builds with this trance like beat that makes you want to dance. When you throw Taeyang’s silky smooth vocals in the mix it’s just the perfect track to end this auditory feast.

“Let me Break it down down….break down……”

Here’s the 5th preview Break Down

This is such a different sound for Taeyang. When I first heard it I wasn’t quite sure if I’d like it but it started to grow on me as the song went on. Taeyang has such a beautiful voice. I love the beat. It’s the kind of song you’d crank up on high while driving in your car.

“You’re my chocolate, my sweetest chocolate……”

Here’s the 3rd preview You’re My

OMG! This is the sweetest song I’ve ever heard. Soleil my love, what are you doing to me. You’ve got me crying right now.

“You’re my chocolate, my sweetest chocolate….I really wanna have you.”

If you’re trying to make me fall head over heels in love with you, too late. I’m already there. But this song right here will keep me devoted to you for life.