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Seeing Taeyang at ALIVE Galaxy Tour in New Jersey

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Seeing GD, Seungri, YB and Daesung at Yeolbong

Yesterday, after Yeolbong tweeted (13th), I quickly made a date with my friend. I talked to my mom first working out a deal that I wouldn’t attend my study session tonight and went to Yeolbong around 7pm. I went with 3 other friends to wait and even though we were late, we were still allowed to go in because we said we wanted to go up to the 2nd floor. Around 7:20pm, we were on the 2nd floor. I don’t really remember the exact layout of how we sat, so I’ll just briefly draw it here.

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Indonesian Fan Meets Taeyang

Sarah is the lucky fan who met Taeyang. Read her story below.

i’m not sure if this is even worth telling, but as a fellow VIP i’d like to share my experience anyway.

i just came back from a holiday in Korea a week ago. it was a 10 day trip and it was amazing. but out of all the experience that happened there, my last day was the most memorable one because I met Taeyang.

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[Photos] Taeyang Signing Autographs

1st photo :

The manager has started the vehicle but Taeyang is determined to give autographs to all the fans. There were three fans of Taeyang from France who got his autographs at the first waiting. They only left YG Entertainment office at 6am. Being so closed to Taeyang they were too nervous and didn’t know what to say so they told him to take care of his health, not to work too late.

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Meeting Taeyang in Hollywood

It was brief (though that won’t stop me from writing an overly wordy fan account), but needless to say, really really cool.

I got to Harvey Mason’s studio in North Hollywood around 3:00pm, and there were already 5 girls waiting in front for him. They were a group of friends all the way from Long Beach who had been waiting since around 2:00, and a few of them were my Fuck Yeah Big Bang Stuff tumblr followers! Small world. It was great to meet you Casey, Melissa, Melina, Laura, and Serena! 😀 (Sorry if I spelled any of your names wrong)

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