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[Twitter] Taeyang reveals his new Twitter DP

Taeyang updated his Twitter by changing his profile picture. Say hello to Youngbear.



Taeyang Is Jealous of SBS K-Pop Star Michelle Lee?

On January 29, SBS K-Pop star briefly showed the training procedures for each of the different agencies. When it was time for the YG Entertainment “contestants” to get checked up, the contestants were surprised to see CL and Park Bom from 2NE1, Taeyang and Daesung from Big Bang.

When the YG label mates were asked who they looked forward to the most, it was unanimously “Michelle Lee.” Taeyang stated, “Our boss YG has continued to give compliments about Michelle Lee. Because of that I am very curious.” Then he said “I am also a bit jealous” which made the studio fill up with laughter.

Source: Soompi