Monthly Archives: January 2013

Big Bang win Bonsang at the High1 Seoul Music Awards

Big Bang were sporting quite the different look tonight when they won the Bonsang at the High1 Seoul Music Awards. But their attire soon grew on me once I saw Taeyang who looked very handsome in his Thom Browne sweater.

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Taeyang Backstage with Dong Hyun Bae @ ALIVE Galaxy Tour: The Final In Seoul

Dong Hyun Bae attended the concert with actor friend Lee Kyun on January 26th.

Translation: How long was the performances! Jumping insanely and singing~ Looking at this guy playing on the stage was very enjoyable~ Even if he’s not my younger brother, I’d be his fanㅋㅋYou’ve worked hard~It was a nice performance Thank you!! One Love Bro♥

Source: @dollbae14 Translation: @TaeyangINA