Taeyang’s Christmas Present

Taeyang has made no secret of his love for the Japanese manga series One Piece. On September 12th he updated his instagram with this picture of the Going Merry with an inscription that read:

youngbeezzy: You know what it is..?

During his most recent interview with GQ Korea editor Jang Woo-cheol in his book Here and There when asked “Any fictional character you identify with?” The R&B crooner replied “Luffy, from One Piece”

Monkey D. Luffy

Four weeks ago I just happened to come across this while eBay window shopping and knew that it would be the perfect gift!

ONE PIECE x NEW ERA “Monkey D. Luffy Mugiwara” 59Fifty Fitted Cap

The under bill features Monkey D. Luffy “Dead or Alive” wanted signs from the manga series

Christmas card that Rio picked out

Devoted to the Sun picture box the hat is stored in

What do you think Devoted fans? Do you think Taeyang will like it?


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