Seeing Taeyang at ALIVE Galaxy Tour in New Jersey

The two weeks leading up to my leaving for Newark, New Jersey was filled with tears as I cried about the possibility of the concert being cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy. After waiting 3 years to see Taeyang’s stage it seemed like a cruel twist of fate to end like this. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined this weekend would turn out to be the most amazing experiences of my life.

For those of you who may not know my story I discovered Taeyang during a period of transition in my life. A new mother I lost sight of my ambition a few years prior and didn’t know where to turn. That all changed once I saw a certain music video.

When I did my life was transformed forever. There was something about that song that made me remember why I loved being artistic. It was a side of my personality that was discovered in childhood that was lost as I grew older. But when I saw that music video that drive to succeed came back to me.

Going on this trip was completely out of my comfort zone but realizing that this might be my only chance to see Taeyang perform I jumped at the opportunity.

The experience of being an international VIP at times can be filled with frustration as we wonder why we don’t get the same perks as other fans. The unfairness of not having access to Big Bang sometimes make us feel like we don’t exist. That’s why this tour has meant so much to me.

Fans from all over the world converged on Prudential Center as we waited in line to finally see the boys perform. Friendships were made as we shared stories, food, makeup & hair tips in the hours leading up to the sound check.

When we were finally allowed in you could feel the excitement in the air. Upon entering we were given our VIP gift bags and directed towards the stage where Big Bang band was already waiting. After a few minutes the music started but don’t ask me what the first song was because all I remember is seeing Big Bang. First thing you should know is pictures and videos don’t do these guys justice because they are seriously good looking in real life. Then I spot Taeyang who comes down the stage, says a few words and goes to the left.

Where I was positioned on the right side I could see everything. Seungri and Daesung were giving my area tons of fan service by smiling and waving. Those two are gorgeous in person. G-Dragon was literally sitting in front of me playing with his hair while he was singing.

Even though I was hyped up and enjoying their performance I was always on the lookout for Taeyang who I could hear but couldn’t see from where I was. This all changed once he started walking and talking to the audience. He wanted to know which song we wanted to hear next.

VIPs are shouting their responses, me included as he puts his hand to his ear straining to hear. What happened next is like out of a dream. Taeyang is standing right in front of me. I’m shouting my song choice and he points to me and says “You”

Time literally stood still as the arena grows quiet and I give him my answer.

“Wedding Dress”

Still cannot believe out of all those fans he picked me. After speaking to him I got very emotional and started tearing.

Dante’s tweet to Taeyang:

It seems fitting that the song that changed my life forever is celebrating its 3 year anniversary. My journey has come full circle. Performance starts at 2:11.


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