Taeyang Interview with Yokohama Walker Magazine

MUSIC: What song are you into lately?

I don’t have a particular song on heavy rotation. But I listen to some American underground music for inspiration.

OXYGEN: What is something you cannot live without?

Inspiration. Of course I get it from music or film, but often I also get it from observing people in the streets or natural scenery.

NAKED: What part of your body are you most confident with?

The area between my waist and hips. I wasn’t aware of it, but the other members have told me the muscles [there] are cool.

SECRET: Tell our readers a recent secret!

My true intentions! (laughs) … or so I’d like to say, but since I myself am not sure of it, I can’t tell you. (laughs)

TEARS: What would you do if you see a woman shedding tears?

If she were the person I like… Ah! I’m blanking out!** I haven’t really thought about it, I’ll probably just feel awkward because I wouldn’t know what to do.

Speaking of tears, I cried in my manager’s car before the album “ALIVE” was released, because I was happy and at the same time it is a piece of work that was released after the other members went through hardships. It was an evening and I felt a bit melancholy when I saw the outside scenery, however I cried so quietly that nobody could notice me crying.

[Translation note: The term he used was “멘붕” (men-boong) which is a trendy slang word meaning “mental collapse” or “mental breakdown”]   

EMPTY: Quickly, “I am recently in lack of _____.”

Right now, I don’t have time to spare. If I had the time, I’d like to travel. Last year, I traveled to Okinawa with my manager.

RAIN: It’s rainy season in Japan. What comes to mind when you think “rain”?

Four years ago, it was the day of my solo concert, and I remember being very worried because the rainstorm was so severe. That left a lasting impression on me.

+1: A Chrome Hearts item you recently purchased?

The shoes I’m wearing right now! I found them in Japan and bought them because the size fit me perfectly. But then, a month later, I got my credit card statement and was shocked! I’d forgotten about the exchange rate. (laughs)

From Korean Translation by: YBMania & @solysombra0518
English Translation: Silly@alwaystaeyang


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