Happy Birthday TEYDADDY!

I’ve known for months what I wanted to buy Taeyang for his 25th birthday but the opportunity to do so didn’t present itself until 2 weeks ago when it finally went on sale. I wanted to get him something that I knew he and the other members would enjoy. I think I did that with this gift. Now for a little background since I haven’t shared with you guys much about my life prior to becoming a Taeyang fan. Before I was a mother and a blogger I was a professional cook. I got my start on this appliance when I was a teenager cooking Shake n’ Bake chicken & pork chops. It was love at first bite.

A year ago after my oven broke down I took it upon myself to reacquaint myself with this appliance and boy has it ever been a lifesaver. The food that I cook in it always comes out delicious and unlike a stove top the home Chef doesn’t need to know about proper doneness to make perfect meals every time. So you ask what is this miracle appliance that will make Taeyang the happiest food lover in the world?

Devoted fans allow me to introduce you to Taeyang’s birthday present the Flavor Wave Oven Turbo!

Spokesman for the Flavor Wave Oven Turbo Mr. T

Devoted to the Sun logo on the handle

Note: This is my Flavor Wave and not Taeyang’s

Photo recipe cards with handwritten instructions on the back

Steak Vieux Montreal, Teriyaki Pork Chops & Korean Barbecue Chicken

Montreal Steak Spice seasoning

Taeyang’s birthday card that Rio picked out

Inside of the card

Flavor Wave gift wrapped & ready to be mailed


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