Taeyang Interview with MINI Magazine

Q: What have you bought recently?
Taeyang: I’m liking scarves at the moment, and a while ago I bought a scarf with the classic Versace pattern

Q: What’s your room like?
Taeyang: All the members are living together at the moment so I can’t really devote myself to it, but I’m collected ‘ONE PIECE’ figurines so I’m planning on making a shelf for them.

Q: Contrary to popular opinion, I…?
Taeyang: “Don’t know where I’m flying to.” I’m that kind of person. Because I really want to be independent, I hate being restricted by things, and if I’m restrained by something I just want to run away.

Q: For example, if you were being restrained/restricted by your lover? 
Taeyang: If it was a girl I like, it’d be ok (laughs). But…I haven’t really met a girl like that so I don’t know.

Q: Are you the type to confess first? Or do you wait?
Taeyang: As I’m the guy I want to confess first, but I haven’t really done it before. Until now I’ve only confessed once.

Q: And how did it go?
Taeyang: If it had gone well, do you really think I’d be single now?!

Q: I’m sorry! (laughs). Has a girl ever confessed to you?
Taeyang: I don’t think I’d really like that….(laughs). Even if I know that I have feelings for someone, I just want to remain *knowing* that I have feelings. Girls will probably feel irritated by that, but I’m happy if they can wait for me to confess first.

Q: Ah, I see. So, apart from looks, which do you like better in a girl – ‘smell’ or ‘voice’?
Taeyang: That’s difficult! I like when they smell nice, but of course I love someone with a pretty voice. Since I’m a musician and my ears are really attuned to sound, so I’m sensitive to voices.

Q: Who will make the best father out of the members?
Taeyang: G-Dragon, perhaps. He’s sensitive, and very steady. And he’s fashionable, so I think he’ll dress his little boy or girl in really awesome clothes.

Q: What is the one thing where you think ‘I cannot lose to anyone!’?
Taeyang: I’m really good at looking for delicious things. Just by the colour, the shape, the smell – I know what it tastes like!

Q: Please say something to MINI readers.
Taeyang: Everyone is ‘the future’. Listen to our music, hold on to your hopes, and keep going forward without losing your positive thoughts and feelings.

Source: MINI magazine interview, June Issue 2012
Translated by: thatsjustnotcricket.tumblr.com

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