Over 1 Million People Rush to Buy “Big Bang Alive Tour in Japan” Tickets

Released on 3/28, a year since their last album, their new album “ALIVE” achieved third place on Oricon weekly chart, and even now when two weeks have passed, it is still in the Top 10. The monster group going strong despite their blank period, BIG BANG from South Korea.

BIG BANG has begun their world tour on March, from South Korea that goes around the world to 16 countries 25 cities. This world tour is produced by producer Laurie Ann Gibson, who has worked with the famous Lady Gaga and will be a very new kind of stage with universal standards (high standards).

The Japanese version of that tour, “BIG BANG ALIVE TOUR IN JAPAN” will start from 5/17 at Nagoya prefecture, Nihon Gaishi Hall to have 13 concerts at 5 cities.

Unbelievably, when on sale, the tickets for the Japanese concerts sold out completely in a matter of minutes. Over 1,000,000 people rushed for the tickets due for 150 000 seats, and the tickets quickly became premiere tickets. This just shows exactly how popular they are.

Also, the ticket sales for the add-on concerts on 5/25 (Fri) at Kanagawa prefecture, Yokohama Arena, 5/31 (Thurs) and 6/3 (Sun) at Osaka, Castle Osaka Hall, will begin on 5/12 (Sat) 10:00am and further competition is to be expected.


17 May (Thurs), 18 May (Fri) Aichi prefecture, nihon Gaishi Hall
25 May (Fri), 26 May (Sat), 27 (Sun) Kanagawa prefecture, Yokahama Arena
31 May (Thurs), 1 June (Fri), 2 June (Sat), 3 June (Sun) Osaka, Castle Osaka Hall
16 June (Sat), 17 June (Sun) Saitama prefecture, Saitama Super Arena
23 June (Sat), 24 June (Sun) Fukuoka prefecture,Marine Messe Fukuoka

(Info for the Alive CD Japan Ver that has been on sale for a while omitted.)

Source: mu-mo.net
Translation: yuka@forever-gdragon.com


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