Taeyang Interview with Junon Magazine (June Issue)

Taeyang’s Q&A portion. If you want to read the full interview go here


Q: How long do you take to memorize choreograph? 
SOL: About 30 minutes. It takes time to perfect the steps but if only to memorize it, it only takes me around 30 minutes. We’re practicing while having fun, so if we have come up with new ideas, we’ll adopt them in the choreograph right away. For ALIVE album, the dance that I like the most is the street element that has a lot in the song ‘BAD BOY’.

Q: When do you feel ‘ALIVE’?
SOL: When I’m on stage. That is my happiest moment. While concentrating on my dance, I can’t see fan’s faces and their cheering boards properly but during the talking part (MC) and encore, I can see them better. During performance, I always think of the positive energy in myself. It’s important that you can accept anything in that state.

Q: How do you maintain your body shape? 
SOL: In Korea, if possible, I’ll go for work out every day but in Japan, I don’t have much time so I haven’t done it at all. I like to dance very much. Maybe because of that I have trained up the muscles on my body. For my eating habits, I don’t really hate anything in particular; I just try not to have dinner. I only have my most favorite gyudon (beef rice bowl) in the morning.

Q: Your favorite brand is?
SOL: Chrome Hearts has been my favorite brand since I was a kid! I saw a rock artist that I respect so much wore the Chrome Hearts clothes, so I thought,. “I want to buy those when I become a singer.” but, even though I’ve become a singer, the price is still expensive for me.. (laugh)

Q: Is your pet dog, Boss in a good health? 
SOL: Yes. He’s getting stronger and I’m becoming busier. My parents take him out for a walk every day. I don’t talk to Boss, but I feel that he really understands my feelings. He’s like my real younger brother to me.

Scanned by: Rice @ bigbangupdates.com
Translated by: @RealNadiah & @marthapido


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