[Video] Taeyang: Fantastic Baby MV Making Film


Taeyang: “Fantastic Baby” is a very strong song. I think it was a challenge for us that we wanted to try out. There will be a lot of parts that will leave an impact and there are parts that are very enjoyable. We also tried for a futuristic image, but not the trendy and typical futuristic image. You can see from the set all the things we tried to add to make it seem futuristic with a lot of new inventions. I think it will be very fun. We talked a lot with the directors about what we wanted to do for our parts. For me, I’m kind of in a destroyed place and put a cyborg feel to it. In the scene I am even wearing a type of armor. We did a lot of things that we wanted to do in the past.

Source: YBManiaOfficial3 + Translation: @kristinekwak


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