Seeing GD, Seungri, YB and Daesung at Yeolbong

Yesterday, after Yeolbong tweeted (13th), I quickly made a date with my friend. I talked to my mom first working out a deal that I wouldn’t attend my study session tonight and went to Yeolbong around 7pm. I went with 3 other friends to wait and even though we were late, we were still allowed to go in because we said we wanted to go up to the 2nd floor. Around 7:20pm, we were on the 2nd floor. I don’t really remember the exact layout of how we sat, so I’ll just briefly draw it here.

I sat near the spot labeled as “my spot” which was against the wall. I was eating extra slow since they said the members would be arriving at 8pm. I started to get eager – and then I wanted to go to the washroom -_-.

To be honest, I haven’t seen them this up close before besides watching them at concerts. (Even though I live in Seoul, but I haven’t been to their fan meetings at all) 15mins after we sat down, I kept looking around for them.

Jiyong entered first surrounded by bodyguards and automatcally went into the room. I was sitting less than 1m away from him. Since I was sitting in the front spot, so it was hard to take a picture but my friend took one. However, they said photos were not allowed so I don’t think we can upload it. But Jiyong…his clothes…I thought he was wearing clothes for a performance but it was just his everyday clothes…

After that, Youngbae went in. I was too shocked so I blurted out, “Ah! Youngbae!” He was so cute and he wore sunglasses again. Jiyong was wearing them too. Youngbae was wearing a black jacket and walked like he was floating on air.

Seungri….but my friend and I both thought at first that…hm let me say something first. I’ve been a VIP for 5 years and we both thought Seungri was the new manager…he looked like an ahjusshi! He permed his hair so it was curly and his hair parted in the middle. He wore glasses and he had a bit of mustache. Oh yeah, Youngbae’s mustache looked like it was growing too fast too. I was like, “Ah what happened?” and then looked at Seungri again. I honestly don’t know if I was too shocked or too happy but I kept tapping my feet. When BIGBANG came in, I was tapping my feet too and my face was completely red.

And then! 1min later, Daesung arrived! I really think Daesung is the tallest. He is a really beautiful guy; really cute and so handsome. When he walked next to us, he said in a soft and slow voice, “Hello!” and waved his hand (of course he wasn’t only waving to me, but to everyone there). His smile was radiant, extremely beautiful. After they all went into the room, their stylists and everyone all went in after that.

My friend said this…since my friend could see everything when she poked her head out. I was sitting next to the wall. She said, “Ah! Nyongtory!” Also, there were girls sitting next to Seungri. Since we wanted to stay longer, we ordered more food.

Daesung’s voice…haha sounded like an old grandpa’s laughter. Jiyong, Youngbae and Seungri laughed really loudly…HAHAHA <—like that.

Also, it was so hard to call the waiters there because they kept running back and forth serving that room and the first floor. Seungri also called the waiter asking for a plate. In the middle of all this, Yeolbong walked into the room because he had to go to the washroom. So cute and he danced to strong baby!

Source: 꼬부기님&간지응아님 + ohohkaka@weibo


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