Taeyang talks about G-Dragon and Big Bang’s plans for 2012

Taeyang, “G-Dragon, my lifelong friend”

Taeyang recently met with Star News and talked about his infinite trust on his bandmates and his childhood friend, G-Dragon.

“Since we went through many things this year, we became closer to each other.”

“As a friend, I feel sorry for Jiyong (G-Dragon) but he’ll always be someone who’s more than a family to me. Even if something worse happened, I couldn’t let go of Jiyong’s hand just like that. It’s the same thing with him. For me, he is friend for a lifetime.”

Taeyang also spoke for the first time regarding a misunderstanding that happened because of some things he posted on his Twitter that some people related to G-Dragon’s scandal.

“Actually, those tweets have nothing to do with Jiyong. I posted those with other things in mind. I feel terrible for all the misunderstanding.”

He also talked about the other members: T.O.P, Daesung and Seungri.

“We still live together in a dorm. Like family, we understand each other even though we don’t talk about everything.

During our break, the members meet up to work on songs. We already prepared some new songs and we’re currently in the middle of producing a new album.”

On BIGBANG’s plans for 2012, he said, “We always hold a BIG SHOW concert every year and the next one will be this coming March. We’re also planning to release a new album around that time.”

He continued, “In 2012, we are going to repay our fans, who have faith in us, with good music and lively activities.”

With a smile, he added, “Of course, my solo album that I’ve been working on will be released too.”

Source: Star News
Translation: Winalicious@BigBangVIP.net


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