Taeyang talks about Big Bang’s MTV EMA Award @ Lee So Ra’s Second Proposal


MC: What award did you win?
Taeyang: We won the Worldwide Act Award. It wasn’t only for Europe but for the world’s most popular artist. We got it through voting.
MC: BIGBANG? Whoa. That’s great.
Taeyang: Thank you
MC: I heard you guys even beat Britney Spears?
Taeyang: Yes. Actually I didn’t want to say this but.. Everyone, we’ve beaten Britney Spears.
Taeyang: You guys beat Justin Bieber too, right?
Taeyang: Yes. We’ve beaten everyone. We got number 1. We even beat Justin Bieber. *shy*
(Note: Taeyang is probably referring to the Twitter Tracker ranking)

Source: urthesun1 + Translation: @babypandaVVIP  via bigbangupdates


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