Indonesian Fan Meets Taeyang

Sarah is the lucky fan who met Taeyang. Read her story below.

i’m not sure if this is even worth telling, but as a fellow VIP i’d like to share my experience anyway.

i just came back from a holiday in Korea a week ago. it was a 10 day trip and it was amazing. but out of all the experience that happened there, my last day was the most memorable one because I met Taeyang.

So, it was the last night and my friend and I didn’t have any plan to do for our last day in Korea so we decided to stay up all night and camp in front of YG building. LOL. After eating in Yeolbong Hongdae (Se7en’s restaurant) we head to YG building. it was around 11.30 when we got there.

There were a lot of other fans there. There were about 8 japanese fans, 2 chinese fans, 2 korean onnie fans and 2 Indonesian fans (me and my friend, although my friend is actually a Blackjack and not VIP). So, we thought… oh hey this is great we’re not alone.

But after a few hours, there was no sign of BigBang at all. The Korean onnie had been asking to everyone that walked out of YG building whether or not they have seen BigBang, but all of them answered that they didn’t know or they haven’t seen. Then the chinese fan suddenly got all excited after talking to someone who looked more like ‘trainee/dancer’ and the 2 chinese fan ran away giggling. so i’m guessing they were a fan of a dancer. maybe.

Half an hour later the japanese fans finally gave up. And so they also walked away, leaving only me and the 2 korean onnie. We talked and we waited for another hour. I have to remind you it was 10 degree celcius and it was cold! (especial for tropical country citizen like me) So the onnie said maybe the boys wasn’t inside because there was no other korean fans waiting. So they decided to head to BB’s dorm. But i had feelings they were here, so I stayed.

It was 3.30am still no sign of Bigbang. At around 4am 3 japanese fans came and the 2 onnie came back again and said bigbang was not in dorm also. so i had greater feelings that they must be inside; whether it’s taeyang or GD or seungri. But not long after the onnie decided to go home and give up since they have work.

It was too cold and i needed to go to the toilet badly. so i walked up to the security ahjussi and asked if i could use the toilet. so he said to follow him. he took me to YG’s back building and the toilet was awesome. hahaha. automatic toilet. so i thought, hey didn’t get to meet the artist but at least i kinda went inside YG building and dump on their toilet.

i walked out, and as i was walking out the door on YG’s main building opened. and a man was laughing. i knew and recognized the voice. turned my head. Ta-da!! it’s taeyang! i was surprised. taeyang was too. he prolly thought ‘how come there’s a fan inside the building?’

then i rushed out of the building took my BigBang novel. Taeyang’s car had started to rush out of the building but thankfully not so fast. So i run and jogged a little to chase it. I offered the book and asked him to sign it. At first he said no to the japanese fans who was asking for photo, but thankfully he agreed and took my book. The car finally stopped and i hang out in the car window~ LOL.

He signed it. and asked ‘where are you from?’, i told him i was from Indonesia. And he was, ‘oh.. when are you going back?’ told him it is tomorrow so it’s my last day it’s cold so please be nice and sign it. hahahahahha. so he asked for my name and i spelled it for him as he wrote it on the book. and he wrote God bless you and i said God bless you too tae. And we then shook hands and he smiled. and then the car went away.

he’s so sweet, such an angel. i couldn’t help but jumped up and down. and squealing and start squeezing and hugging my friend because i couldn’t believe it was real. and also for her effort in stealing photo of tae while he was signing the book. ^-^

anyway, that gave me hope that GD was inside the building too. it was 5.30 so we waited longer until 6 am. but at around 5.30 even YG had gone home, so i thought where’s GD????

finally a man walked out of the building, start the car and parked it right in front of YG building. it waited there for half an hour that i started to think is this man sleeping in his car? but suddenly another man walked out of the building. with a hat, white hoodie. it was so quick i couldn’t see the face clearly. he hopped on the car and just went away. it’s so sad. but i have great feeling it was GD. the walk, the style and everything and remembering that he’s always the last one out of the building; i’d like to believe that at least i’ve seen GD”s back (T___T)

so anyway. i only got to meet Taeyang, but that was more than enough. this was my first ever doing such a thing. i have never done anything like it before; so i’m glad it had a result.

what impress me the most is that. i had actually prepared myself to face an arrogant idol; although i am a fan i had thoughts that there is a possibility that even my BigBang boys would be arrogant to fans. but Taeyang was an angel. when he talks and ask questions he stares at you in the eye and actually communicate. i like that. not many people do that nowadays.

so, although it’s not a grand meeting. but i really wanted to share it with fellow VIP. especially the Indonesian VIP. Hopefully our dreams come true, and one day we’ll meet BigBang here in Big Show Indonesia…. soon. very soon.



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