[News] Big Bang & Taeyang voted #1 best group and individual idol performers!

According to a recent report, there is estimated to be a total of 100 teams of boy and girl idol groups in the Korean mainstream music scene by the end of 2011. However, these groups are usually judged on the basis of popularity and their fans rather than by professionals. With that said, how would professionals rank the groups? 27 choreographers and dancers were asked to pick the groups with the best performances.

Idol groups usually use their performances to visually deliver their music. The performance that goes along with the song is the weapon of idol groups to captivate their fans.

The group that received first place for performance was Big Bang. Big Bang obtained 8 votes out of the 27. Dancer Jin Jung Woon stated, “Most idol groups comeback with predictable dances, music, and outfits, but there are a few who people anticipate the most and give them their full attention. One of those groups is Big Bang.”

In the survey for the best individual members of a male group, Big Bang’s Taeyang and G-Dragon took 1st and 2nd place, respectively. Choreographer Lee Woo Won stated, “Taeyang dances knowing the dance. He puts in emotion when he dances.” Dancer Kim Tae Gyu also picked Taeyang and explained, “His delicacy on stage and the coordination with the dancers, and a ‘feel’ that can’t be imitated is the biggest reason.”

Source: Naver + Translation: allkpop

So happy that Big Bang and Taeyang were ranked #1 by industry professionals. Usually in these surveys only Taeyang is mentioned due to the fact that he’s considered by many to be the ‘dancer’ of the group. But if you’ve watched any of their concerts it is very obvious what sets Big Bang apart from other idol groups is their stage presence and charisma when performing. Anyone can dance but Big Bang want to give you a show.


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