[News] What are Taeyang’s plans to expand into America?

Idol group Big Bang’s member Taeyang’s upcoming songs for his newest album is composed together by Underdog’s Harvey Mason Jr and Damon Thomas. They are responsible for Beyonce, Justin Timberlake and Chris Brown’s previous hits.

YG Entertainment has confirmed this news and expressed their gratitude,“Underdogs are already famous within their circle for what they do, and personally Taeyang himself really love what they produce. There is finally a chance for them to work together in America now.” When asked whether or not there are plans for Taeyang to advance into the American music market, YG did not directly reply to the question and instead responded with, “Working with Underdog has never been an easy task but we have successfully completed everything.”  During the process both Harvey Mason Jr and Damon Thomas has expressed their thoughts on Twitter and complemented Taeyang for his work.

Source: Nate
Translation: 21Impact + ygladies.com
via : bigbangforlife@tumblr

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