[News] Taeyang & Seungri congratulate Lee Hye Young on her marriage

On July 14th around 6 PM, a surprising meeting arose between Big Bang’s Taeyang and Seungri along with actress Lee Hye Young in Incheon Airport.

While Lee Hye Young was leaving to Hawaii and Taeyang and Seungri were departing for their Singapore concert, they coincidentally met in front of the same gate.

As Lee Hye Young recognized Taeyang first, Taeyang bowed his head while Lee Hye Young also responded with a nod. They shook hands happily as Taeyang congratulated the actress on her impending marriage.

The brief meeting between Big Bang and Lee Hye Young immediately received hot reaction from the public, as reporters, fans, and tourists alike swarmed around them.

After the short meeting, Big Bang and Lee Hye Young hastened their steps as Lee Hye Young went through the gate first, followed by Taeyang and Seungri.

Meanwhile, Big Bang will be headlining the July 15th Singapore concert, ‘Singapore Korean Music Wave‘, along with 2NE1, FT Island, miss A, The Boss, U-Kiss, Dal Shabet, X-5, and others.

On July 19th, Lee Hye Young will marry a one year older finance practitioner in beautiful Hawaii after getting introduced through mutual friends 2 years ago. A week after their wedding, they will go on their honeymoon before returning home.

Source: Dispatch via Nate
Translation: allkpop

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