Taeyang Solo Album Confirmed!

On July 11th, representatives of YG Entertainment revealed, “G-Dragon alerted the company last week that he’d be going to Japan with a manager to check out some songs.  He met up with some Japanese composers and talked a bit about his music and his new album. Excluding Daesung, all of the members are currently preparing for their solo albums. The member who completes their album first will make their comeback first.

Source: IS Sports via Naver
Translation: allkpop

After Taeyang’s surprise trip to LA last week and tweet that he would be working with R&B/pop producers The Underdogs this news hasn’t come as a surprise. I have been listening to Solar since it dropped last July and even though I love it to pieces I can’t wait to hear Taeyang’s new music!


One thought on “Taeyang Solo Album Confirmed!

  1. katty

    WOW! I’m so excited!!!!….I really hope Taeyang will debut in the U.S.

    thanks Janelle Marie
    {Devoted to the Sun} for updating the news!!!


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