Felicia Meets Taeyang

This fan account means the world to me because I played a role in it. I was with Felicia every step of the way as she realized her dream to meet Taeyang!

To read Felicia’s fan account go here

Source: @_DAEbabyy + http://taebaebyy.livejournal.com/

9 thoughts on “Felicia Meets Taeyang

    1. Janelle Marie Post author

      No. I was following her on Twitter when she went to see him that day. Giving her up to the minute details of his whereabouts so she’d get the chance to meet him.

      1. katty

        wow! that’s really good team 😀 I really want to know how about Felicia’s feeling now ^^ she’s probably still happy like crazy since that day she met Taeyang…I’m so jealous!!! 🙂

  1. katty

    ….and I want to ask u something, why you don’t update this site anymore? I always keep coming here to check Taeyang’s news..my opinion, I think your Taeyang’s fansite is really great!!!! and update even better than alwaystaeyang site

    btw…thank for making this Taeyang site!!!!! it’s the Best! 😀

    1. _taebabyy

      Hey katty (= its felicia.

      How I feel about Taeyang after I met him? To be honest, seconds before we were face to face, my heart was beating so fast, I was shaky, and I wanted to scream. After he was in front of me, standing a few inches away, I felt a bit more relaxed (I still couldn’t believe I was in front of him). He was so casual, normal, and it shows how down to earth and humble he is despite how stressed out he must have been.

      I love him more now, and I have more respect for him despite my initial feeling (cuz I was sad he wasn’t as cheerful as I hoped lol, but I understood why).

      Makes me admire him more (=0

      I honestly couldn’t sleep that night, and I kept replaying the video, and I kept looking at our picture.

      LOL hehehehehe

      He’s an amazing guy to spazz over =P

      And he’s ridiculous handsome.

      And im forever a SOLmate – for sure.

      1. katty

        OMGGGGGG! thanx Felicia

        it’s very impressive!!! Goshhhhhh I’m seriously jealous!!!!!!! XD!

        I’m happy like crazy, it’s like I was you in that situation lol
        meet Taeyang in person and stay close in Taeyang’s arm like that it’s like the dream of my life!!!!!
        you’re so damn lucky!!! Felicia :))

        if I was you, I must be faint, shiver or totally die in his arms!!! *no lie*
        and yeahhh! Taeyang is very handsome!
        my friend met him and she said in Bigbang, Taeyang is truly handsome in real life!

        for about his mood, don’t worry I think it’s because it’s his working day, my friend she went to Korea to see Taeyang’s performance, she told me Taeyang was in very serious and tense mood when he’s working! because yes! Taeyang is very hard-working person and very serious, he gives a heart to his work 100%

        but actually, TAEYANG is very friendly and very nice guy… we can see if it’s his relaxing day Taeyang must be in a good mood and very nice, so friendly …fun and soo cute!~ 🙂

        OMG!! I swear in my life I will be in his arms one day!!!!! :))
        TAEYANG is really the guy of my dream! :))

    2. Janelle Marie Post author

      Thank you. I only update when there is news about YB. Since he left LA on the 7th Big Bang have performed at the K Showw concert which took place on the 9th. Once pictures and fancams become available I’ll update again.


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