Taeyang UFO Fan Replies

Reading these responses from Taeyang made me smile. He’s the sweetest guy.

I don’t know why but every time I think of Youngbae goon, my mood becomes better ^^ Sleep well and dream something nice ^^
– You have to sleep well too~^^ Put on a blanket even if it’s hot~

Taeyang oppa! There’s nothing better in the world than walking along the streets and listening to your songs!
– My mood is the best when I’m walking and listening to music too!

After listening to BIGSHOW Live CD, the images from the concert are floating back to me again. I especially think of you all today…love you.
– I sometimes have memories floating back to me too ^^ We’ll see each other again when we have another concert~

I laughed so much when I was watching you on ‘Come to Play’…noona even had tears coming out! Youngbae goon, you are skilled at everything!
– You laughed a lot? I was so nervous when we were filming, don’t know how well I did ^^

Youngbae oppa, your appearance in Lollipop CF was too short…what a shame! I’ll look forward to seeing your handsome self in the future!
– Lolli lolli lollipop~so sweet~I’ll be near you again soon~Hehe ^^ 

Source: 1878007587@weibo
Translated by: mystifize@twitter


One thought on “Taeyang UFO Fan Replies

  1. jaydork24

    wah…yb is such an adorkable dork-dork, it’s getting increasingly harder to find a reason not to love him 🙂


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