My New Era Coca-Cola Cap

The first thing I noticed besides how amazing Taeyang looked in this photo was the cap he was wearing. I loved his Coca-Cola cap. Taeyang wore it during Big Bang’s March 16th radio interview at KBS Cool FM. Part of the New Era “Drink Logo” Collection it comes in four versions Coca-Cola, Sprite, Dr. Pepper and Fanta with the Coca-Cola cap being the most popular. Going back to look at the photos once I bought the cap I realized I was mistaken. Taeyang is not wearing a New Era Coca-Cola cap. I bought a cap that the singer doesn’t own. Since then the cap has become very special to me. It was in the researching of this post that I’ve come to discover that this cap is quite expensive (retails for $75) and is only available in Japan.

Source: Hayabusa + hypebeast


2 thoughts on “My New Era Coca-Cola Cap

  1. jaydork24

    i would love to get my hands on a dr. pepper cap (tho im pepsi-biased), im just saying. any other link as to where i could purchase since i have no means to go to japan?

    1. Janelle Marie Post author

      Hey Jess. The seller I bought from has every cap except Dr. Pepper. A Pepsi version exists but only 100 were made and they’re not being sold to the general public.


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