[Fanfic] What Happens in Vegas……

One shot @_taebabyy wrote for me after I told her I wear the same hat size as Taeyang. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

“Bae,” Ji grabbed his shoulder, halting the group. “Aigoo! Look at the little boy at the window!”

The remaining four glanced at the direction Ji pointed and that’s when everyone noticed. A little boy, hands pressed against a window of a hat shop, yelling for his mom. He was wearing the same, special edition, hallelujah hat Bae was wearing at this moment.

Bae laughed lightly to himself as he walked towards the little boy.

“Hi,” Bae said as he kneeled next to him. “My name’s Young-bae.” Bae reached his hand out as the little boy’s eye widen.

“Hey! We have the same one!!” the little boy cheered as he raised his hand for a high five.

Bae laughed with him as he watched him intently. The little boy started talking so fast about the hats he wants and the hats he has. The innocence, excitement kids have is what makes Bae eager to become a father. Suddenly, he felt someone near him. When he glanced up, there was a women hovering over her son, watching Bae curiously. He stood up and reached his hand out. “You have an adorable son,” he stuttered hoping the mother doesn’t think anything odd of him. “My name is Young-bae.”

The mom laughed as her son leaned against her. “My name is Janelle,” she smiled taking his hand.

“My name is Rio!” the little boy chirped as he raised his hands in the air. “He has the same hat as me!”

“I can see that,” she teased as she watched Bae. He looks so uncomfortable, she thought. Bae kept his smile as his friends came closer. Janelle was a bit startled to see a group of 4 guys suddenly join in. She examined them as they introduced themselves.

“Well, it’s nice to meet you,” Bae muttered as he stepped back. Janelle smiled as she watched them walk away.

“Omo, Bae,” Ji teased as he wrapped his arm around him. “Why are you so nervous around women?” he teased.

Bae flushed pink as he held his head down. The other boys trailing behind as they enjoyed the row of shops in the hotel.

“She was pretty,” Bae admitted as he turned back to see if she was still there with her son.

Ji laughed as he hugged him closer. “You and your western women,” he teased again.

Bae rolled his eyes as he entered a Miu Miu store. Top paused before entering, seeing that there’s only female merchandises, but he instantly remembered why Bae went in. Bom. She demanded shoes.

Bae strolled around the store, looking for knee high light grey boots. Bae doesn’t understand why Bom asked him to help buy something. Ji is clearly a lot more qualified, but Bom insisted since Bae’s style is more relaxed. She trust his choices. Ji didn’t like it thou.

“Bom would look amazing in these shoes,” Ji exclaimed holding up a pair of insanely high heels with buckets, straps, and a thousand different colors mixed into it’s suede fabric. Bae’s jaw dropped as he shook his head in a frighten manner. Ji’s brows scrunched together as he swore beneath his breath, but Bae didn’t care to much as he heard a familiar voice outside the store. He froze as he glanced out the window to see a little boy with his hat running down the hall with the mother following after. He watched her as her hair lightly bounced off her back, her skin glistening from the sun, as she gracefully rushed to her son. She’s beautiful, he thought.

He suddenly felt someone’s hand on his shoulder. “Noooona lover,” Ji teased as he pushed Bae towards the door.

Through out the rest of the day, Bae couldn’t stop thinking about her. Janelle, he thought, was a beautiful name. It fit her perfectly. The way her name slips through his lips, the way his eyes traced her silhouette. He sighed feeling a bit uneasy thinking about her since she has a son. She could be married. It frustrated him how captivating her eyes were, and how uneasy he felt staring at her.

“Bae,” Ji called out dragging Bae back into reality. “Ready to party?” Ji cheered nudging him.

Bae laughed as they exited the cab. Vegas is truly a city that never sleeps, he thought as they walked into XS. Avoiding the line, the boys, excluding Ri, walks in and makes way to the VIP section. They bow and smile as they walk in while everyone stares – curious as to who they are.

The stereos blaring house music and instantly, Bae’s body flows with the music. Pushing through the crowds of people, they finally made it to their section. Slumping onto the couch, they all watched the crowd dance.

“Hi, what would you – wow!” the waitress laughed, placing her hand on her chest. “We meet again,” she teased.

The boys shifted their attention to their server. Ji laughed as he glanced over at Bae – who’s smile instantly grew along with his heart beat. She took orders – ending with Bae.

“What would you like to drink?” She asked, sitting down besides him.

He started laughing to himself as he faced her. Her hair was pinned to the side, her outfit revealing her beautiful curves, the way her lips moved when she talked.. he felt his cheeks burning. “Um,” he paused looking for his hyungs to help. Ji shrugged his shoulder, Top held his laugh, and Dae just smiled.

“You’re cute,” Janelle said getting up from the seat. “I’ll bring you something special,” she winked before leaving. Bae couldn’t help but let his eyes wonder as she strutted away – blushing when she caught him staring.

After a few rounds, Bae felt alcohol running through his system. He leaned back, eyes closed, allowing it to take control. He could hear the rest of the boys enjoying themselves, mocking Bae for being a light weight. Suddenly, he felt someone besides him. Opening his eyes, he was startled to see her sitting.

“How you feeling?” she asks, leaning closer to him. He sat up, fully facing her. Nodding as his hands covered his eyes. He slightly fell forward, laughing as she pushed him back up. His heart burst feeling her hand pressed against his chest. She scooted closer to him, whispering in his ear, “Let’s dance.” Her lips brushed against his jaw line as she pulled away – a mischievous smile on her face.

His eyebrow rose while he nodded. She stood up, pulling him slowing off the chair as she dragged him to the dance floor. His eyes trailed her back, admiring every curve she possessed. She was short, thick, and her skin was beautifully dark. Dragging him into the middle of the dance floor, she immediately pressed herself against him – wiggling her butt against his to the music. His hand were on her hips and he couldn’t control the urges that was bursting out of his body. His eyes were closed as he enjoyed the movements that was administered on him. He bit his lips, letting out the pressure that was building. She leaned her back against his chest with her arm around his neck – pushing his face against hers. His hands on her waist pushed harder against his area. She glanced up at him, smiling at his expression. He’s enjoying this, she thought as her hand ran through his hair, pulling off the hat he was wearing.

“Hey,” he laughed, his lips accidentally pressed against her forehead. She moved, putting the hat on her head. “It looks nice on you,” he whispered against her ear.

“Perfect fit,” she said, keeping it on. Bae laughed – watching her wear his beloved hat. Finally, she groaned, feeling his lips brushing her cheek. She pushed off, grabbing onto his hand, as she pulled him through the crowd. They arrived at a door, and Janelle opened it – shoving Young-bae inside.

“I don’t know,” Bae said under his breath.

Janelle glanced at him and shook her head. She  slammed the door shut and locked it – ensuring no one can interrupt. He watched her as she walked closer to him with a seductive smile on her face.  Images of her son clouded his mind briefly, but he ignored it as he watched her play with his hat. He got lost in her eyes. She’s gorgeous, he thought as he admired her perfectly sculpted features.

Finally, she took his hat off to hand it over to Bae. She immediately took it back when he reached for it – earning her a smile from him. She placed it back on her head, and she laughed before slamming her hand against his chest, pinning him to the wall. He shut his eyes feeling her hand trail down his body, stopping at his waist band. His breathing became a little heavier, feeling her fingers unbuckling his pants.

She pressed her lips against his neck, enjoying the mixed expression he’s doing. Successfully revealing his erection, she grabs hold of it, and whispers softly into his ear, “Whatever happens in vegas, stays in vegas.”

Source: asianfanfics
To read the story that Felicia (@_taebabyy) is currently working on go here


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