Happy Birthday Taeyang!

For Taeyang’s 23rd birthday (24 Korean age) I wanted to get the R&B singer something that he would treasure forever. The idea for this gift came to me one sunny afternoon last June while I was taking a walk. Over the years Taeyang has made no secret of his love for Michael Jackson. A passion that we both share since I discovered the singer when I was 4 years old. It was this thought that brought me through the doors of my local Chapters bookstore. Walking in I made a beeline for the biography section intent on finding this book for Taeyang. Unfortunately no books on the singer could be found. Disappointed I started walking towards the exit that’s when I saw it. In front of me was a table covered with Michael Jackson photobooks. Finding the best copy I bought it on the spot.

Michael Jackson photobook chronicling his entire career

My favorite picture

 Love the streamers.


7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Taeyang!

  1. Taeyang's big fan

    awwwww…that’s awesome..Hope oppa YB like it 🙂 He will be the second Michael Jackson, with all awesome, sexy dances…


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