An International Fan Meets Taeyang!

Allison, an international fan who lives in South Korea had quite the experience when she came face to face with Taeyang!

Meeting Taeyang:

Then it was FINALLY our turn to go. We walked up to the stage and were handed a disinfectant wipe, had to give our little tickets, and then walked up on stage. Handlers were monitoring the flow of people closely and as I got close, I lost everything that had been in my brain to say. I just though, oh my god, they are the most handsome people on this earth. I am about to touch them. How can I…….?

And then I was right in front of Seungri who stuck his hand right out and said Hiiiiiiiiiiii. In English. And I said Hi! And he said, are you doing okay? (I think I looked like I was about to die… mostly of excitement) And I was just like yes, yes, I’m great. And GD watched and laughed a lot. lol. Then to G-Dragon I just bowed and said hello and thank you. I was kind of in awe of his skin. It was so… so… glowing. It was perfect skin. How does GD get skin like that? It’s PERFECT. Then Taeyang.

Oh. My. God. Taeyang.

He was so fine. SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO fine.

And he said to me, Where are you from? And I said America. And he said, cool, thanks for coming. And I said, YESTERDAY WAS MY BIRTHDAY. CAN I HAVE A HUG PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE? And he said of course, and he hugged me, and while he was hugging me he said Happy Birthday. TWICE.

What Taeyang had to say to the fans:

Then they all thanked the fans and talked about going to Japan and various stuff. They said they will work hard in Japan and hurry back. And then TOP talked and walked off stage. Then Daesung talked and went off stage and then G.D. talked and sat down in a chair off to the side (he really looked tired at this point) then Seungri talked, yelled out Seungska and everyone yelled back. Then seungri left. Just Taeyang now, and Taeyang talked more than the others because he also spoke in Japanese and ENGLISH! But while he was talking TOP, Daesung and Seungri were acting a fool behing him. TOP ran past behind Taeyang and then Daesung followed after like a girlfriend chasing her frightened off boyfriend after a proposal. Then TOP gave Seungri a piggy back ride run across the back of the stage. And it was just awesome. Then Taeyang finally got to speaking English. He said, “I don’t speak English very well so sorry, but I want to thank all the international fans. There are a lot here today. We had fans from America (I SCREAMED LIKE CRAZY, I think there were only two of us from America, lol), Indonesia, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore (and maybe he said some others, but I don’t remember). So thank you guys so much, Love you and God Bless!

To read Allison’s full account go here


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