[News] Taeyang’s Kpop Secret

I saw this Kpopsecret posted in the Big Bang thread over at 6Theory and wanted to comment on it. As a Black woman I wasn’t offended by Brian Joo’s impression infact I thought it was funny but to say in the same breath that my favorite artist is a racist is crossing the line. Taeyang’s love of African American music and culture is obvious. The fact that he has chosen to pursue a genre not readily accepted in South Korea proves his love and dedication. When it comes to social networking Taeyang has an official TwitterMe2Day and a cyworld he hasn’t updated since his Wedding Dress promotions. Due to this persons inability to check facts has spread false rumors that he is a racist when he is not.

Update: I checked out Taeyang’s cyworld and  this post which isn’t recent (11.25.08) was written on his wall. It was Taeyang’s friend who referred to him by that word and not the other way around.

Source: kpopsecrets


5 thoughts on “[News] Taeyang’s Kpop Secret

  1. lvsanchez115

    I would never think Taeyang is racist… he is very much into his musical genre and has always given credit where it’s due. However… I’ve never heard him say the N word… but if he has… that is all kinds of wrong. The man is human, not perfect. And he lives in South Korea, but that’s still not a good excuse. He just might need to get schooled on a few concepts… maybe a history lesson? Stil, I don’t think he’s racist.

    As far as K-Pop stars making ignorant comments, I’ve really felt I’ve had to turn the other cheek in several intsances… and regardless of what race they talk about, it still hurts as a fan. But I guess that’s life in general… it’s not limited to K-pop.

  2. boiledegg

    I would like to inform the person that post this that NIgga in Korean means YOU.
    that the dictionary for you dumbass that post this.
    “Nigga, or 니가, is the polite form of “you” in Korean, but if you don’t speak Korean, it doesn’t sound so polite”


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