[Video] Big Bang SPECIAL EDITION Naver Music Interview

Translation for the Naver Video:

GD: hello, naver family! wassup, we’re big bang

YB: Our new album is a special edition—its our first special edition. It includes title song, follow-up tracks, and bits of our solo songs. You will hear ten songs total. Our title song is I HATE THIS LOVE SONG. its very majestic (yeah thats what he actually says) but sweet, so you can see our colors vividly. Please love us!

TOP: yeah, you had to wait 2 years and 3 months until we came back with tonight. we still feel very welcomed and it feels like a sweet day dream. we wanted to give you a gift so we gathered our talents and now we present this to you. We wish that we can spend more joyous times with you all. I hope you can see that we want to make great memories with you.

Seungri: So Bigbang came back with music that will warm your heart, I hate this love song and Stupid Liar and Daesung’s solo, Baby Don’t Cry.

T.O.P: Baby don’t cry is a great song, Daesung came back to you guys with such a wonderful song.

baby don’t cry, baby don’t cry, baby don’t cry

Seungri: you can hear everything on naver. Please support our Special Edition album! Buy it right now! and we were BIG BANG.

Source: Naver Music via gilbakk777
Translation by TopTopia @ Tumblr


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