[News] Taeyang is the Best Dancing Idol!

Nowadays, idol groups are characterized by their talent. What distinguishes them from each other are the skills that they possess. We have asked opinion from 5 leaders of the top dancing teams about who is the best dancing idol in the showbiz.

Boys: The glamorous Taeyang

BIGBANG’s Taeyang who has won 3 votes out of the 5 judges and managed to capture 1st place in this ranking. The person in charge of the choreography for YG Entertainment said, ‘Taeyang’s power and skills (technique), together with his facial expression made his dancing unbeatable.’

This BIGBANG’s member can digest variety music genres and when he was doing his solo activities for the songs, ‘Only Look at Me’ and ‘I Need A Girl’, his dances style were characterized by Soul and R&B style.

The choreography leader in JYP Entertainment praised that, “Taeyang has presented a clear performance in accordance to the music that he had to dance to.” The choreography representative from SME also said, “His skill is outstanding.”

He gave a thumb up to Taeyang. On the other hand, the choreographer who was in charge of ‘Magic’ and ‘Madonna’ for the group ‘Secret’ said ,“Jay Park is good at dancing both Old School and New School music since the singer can pull it off. Nowadays, Old School is a trend but Jay Park who has grown up in USA does not go with the trend.”

Meanwhile, BEAST’s choreographer admired the members Yong Jun Hyung and Jang Hyun Seung the most. He said, “Yong Jun Hyung learnt to dance professionally in order to become a member of the dream team, Beast since each member is different in dancing. Jang Hyun Seung is one of the good examples.”

People whom have been consulted in this ranking are:
Choreography director from JYP Entertainment, YG Entertainment, SM Entertainment, together with the dance director of Beast and Secret

Source: hankooki
Translated by: Rice @ bigbangupdates


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