One Year Anniversary of Taeyang’s “Where U At”

To put into words what Taeyang’s music has meant to me since discovering him last year would probably take all day. But to express the emotions surrounding this particular song and MV is easier to do. “Where U At” was released to huge fanfare on October 15th of last year. The MV that would bring together choreographers Shaun Evaristo and Lyle Beniga would change the way music fans looked at dance. A song about longing to find ones true love against a backdrop of powerful Hip Hop in a grimy alleyway. To some it was not much to look at but for me meant the world. In this one MV a side of me was reawakened. The side of me that loved to dance. The song that we can all relate to coupled with a dance we all wished we could do. “Where U At” is the perfect pairing of lyrics and visuals that capture the imagination of anyone who watches it. In essence the appeal of this MV and Taeyang as an artist is in his ability to speak to a wide range of music fans.

Source: YGEntertainment via TheKevisaurus@youtube + Rehearsal video: Aukang@youtube


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