Taeyang Q&A with ANAN Magazine

If you want to read Taeyang’s ANAN interview it’s posted here

Q1] I’m unexpectedly _______ (Fill in the blank)

SOL: Not honest. But I try to be.

Q2] How do you overcome pressure or “weakness of the mind” (i.e lack of determination or confidence)

SOL: I just think of the reason why I wanted to be a singer in the first place. Then I control my mind to be happy.

Q3] If you can be one of the other members for one day, who would you want to be?

SOL: I wanted to be TOP or VI before. But now, I think I just want to stay as myself. (Laugh)

Q4] One year has passed since your debut in Japan. Do you feel that you’re becoming more popular and getting more fans?

SOL: When I go shopping in Tokyo now, people seem to know who I am.

Q5] What stuff or activity has gotten your interest recently?

SOL: Michael Jackson. I respect him and the influence I got from him when I was a child will remain forever.

Translation by Noriko @ www.bigbangupdates.com

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