Big Bang celebrate their 4th Anniversary

I discovered Big Bang last November and in that time I’ve watched every interview, MV, concert and live performance that it feels like I’ve been following them for 4 years. I’ve watched them grow from boys into men. Happy 1460 Days Anniversary Big Bang. I love you.

*SeungRi singing happy birthday song for Big Bang’s 4th Anniversary*

SR: Should we blow it together? ok. 1, 2, 3, (whoa!)

GD: Hello we’re Big Bang. It has been 4 years since our debut. Wow time seems to go by fast, but at the same time it seems slow. Um.., in the 4 years we have been with you, there were so many things. It’s kind of sad that we don’t really get to be with you, but it’s really good to see you like this, it feels strange sort of. How about you, SeungRi?

SR: Uh, really. It feels like we debuted like the day before today, but it has been 4 years. Um.., Big Bang is 4 now.. 4, right?

GD: Oh, I’m 23.

SR: Uh, keke. 23? Ok, um.., Big bang is 4 now. I think we’ve come this far because we have you guys. we are sure that you are waiting for us. In a short time, we are actually gonna see you soon, so please be expecting us. Um, Taeyang?

YB: Yeah, so.. in 4 years, we had a lot of things. For now we are abroad and doing solo stages, but we are gonna see you with some great stages, so keep on eye on us. There are so many misunderstandings and thoughts, but always just look at us and don’t try to think so many things. Just be happy with us and music, and everything of us…, yeah, thank you so much for being there always and hope you will forever. You guys trust us the same as we trust you. Just always trust us and rely on us. Thank you.

TOP: (to Taeyang) ah, you are very persuasive.. keke.

Ok, so long time no see guys. Soon we are releasing our new album so keep expecting more from us. We, ourselves, are being ready for it with half expecting & half fluttering.., yeah um, and we are taking this video for having our 4th debut anniversary.., um, soon we are gonna meet you guys with the new stages and new music always, so please keep expecting and giving your love to us.

DS: Thank you so much guys. From now on, it’s not just 4 years, there will be so much great times so always be with us. Our album is coming soon so keep expecting us not only the stages in Korea, but also in Japan. We’re expecting so much love from you.

Yay (clapping) so, this candle, number 4. It’s going to be 5, 10, and 20 so please be with us always.


GD: yeh, guys! so, meet you on 5th anniversary!

SR: ah, also the upcoming Big Bang’s schedule…, those things..,

TOP: ah, not the 5th anniversary! we’re meeting you with the new album.

SR: ah, yeah. please be with us, VIPs.

GD: yep. so, Big Bang Big Bang fighting!!


GD: bye~


SR: it was so neat. no need to cut anything.

hey honey!!!!!! (shouted the part of him in digital bounce) hey honey!!!!!!

SR: Into the fire!


Source: gilbakk2010@youtube


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