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Taeyang and Dara in “I Need A Girl” MV

Sandara Park of girl group 2NE1 has posted another picture of herself with Taeyang on the set of his new “I Need A Girl” MV.

She writes:

After his music video comes out, the naughty dongsaeng Yongbae-ah will transform into a charming, attractive Taeyang! Really cool ^^ It’s not just about his abs being like chocolate, his voice is too keke. Do you think he ate very sweet fruit???

Source: 21dara


How To Guide: SOLAR Deluxe Edition CD

YG Entertainment has released this video showing how to remove SOLAR Deluxe Edition from it’s case:
I have to admit this is so cool. The CD within the case is an optical illusion. I really want to get my hands on the Deluxe Edition. The packaging is so pretty.

“Let me Break it down down….break down……”

Here’s the 5th preview Break Down

This is such a different sound for Taeyang. When I first heard it I wasn’t quite sure if I’d like it but it started to grow on me as the song went on. Taeyang has such a beautiful voice. I love the beat. It’s the kind of song you’d crank up on high while driving in your car.

G-dragon in Taeyang’s Comeback Stage for “I Need A Girl”

Set for his comeback stage on 1st July, it is known that TaeYang will be having GDragon performing together with him for his comeback solo song ‘I Need A Girl’.

The 2 are known to be friends since they were 13 years old and GDragon has also sung praises of TaeYang in interviews like, “TaeYang is a friend who is more talented than me”, “He is incomparable to me” etc. And recently, GDragon also posted up a photo of him wearing a tee shirt with the words ‘I Need A Girl’ printed on his me2day, showing his support for TaeYang’s comeback.

For TaeYang’s comeback title song ‘I Need A Girl’, GDragon is featured for a rap. GDragon also composed and wrote the song ‘After You Fall Asleep’ in the album.

TaeYang is set for his comeback stage on Mnet M!Countdown on 1st July.

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[Photo] Taeyang’s Trainer Me2Day Update

Soleil, my love what are you doing to me? Looking all buff and flexing those sexy muscles of yours. Are you trying to kill me? It’s still early here in Canada. *checks clock* It’s 6 in the morning and I think I’m starting to have heart palpitations. Baby, you are too beautiful for words.

Photo taken: 2010.06.28 17:14:03 [KST]

Source: hanpower

Taeyang’s Comeback Stage on July 1st!

5 member idol group Big Bang’s Tae Yang confirmed a music program comeback plans. Tae Yang releases this coming July 1st, his first full album.

On the morning of 28th, Tae Yang representatives have revealed to Money Today Star News that “Tae Yang will have his official first stage performance of first full album through cable music specialized channel Mnet music program ‘M! Countdown’, which is to be broadcasted on the afternoon of the day of his album release date.

According to the affiliates of Tae Yang, because this stage is his first stage related to his first full album, he will be performing listed songs ‘Just A Feeling’ and ‘You’re My’ in addition to the title song ‘I Need A Girl’, performing total of 3 songs.

Tae Yang will pre-record all of the 3 songs, one day (June 30th) right before the live show, in order to give the best possible performance and not get in the way of the other singers schedule.

Tae Yang plans to be on ‘M! Countdown’, and continuously come out on MBC ‘Show! Music Core’ on July 3rd and SBS ‘Popular Song’ on the 4th, and meet the fans and the TV viewers continuously.

And, featuring of Tae Yang’s first full album title song ‘I Need A Girl’ is G-Dragon, who is also Tae Yang’s friend for over 10 years and a fellow member of Big Bang. Music Video leading roles are Tae Yang and Sandara Park of girl group 2NE1 under the same management, YG Entertainment.

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